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Newborn Photography

Where Can I Find Professional Newborn Photography Near Me?

Newborn lifestyle sessions are a great way to capture your new baby and family in the place you feel most comfortable, your home. I can photograph your newborn in the decorated nursery, with siblings, as a family snuggled on the couch, or just in those special moments that happen when a new baby is brought home. These photo shoots are relaxed direction, allowing me to capture the most adorable moments in the first few weeks.

Newborn photography sessions are some of the most genuinely enjoyable photoshoot imaginable. A powerful moment shared between a growing family, the best newborn photography near me will be at once welcoming and inviting yet insular, focused solely on the family in front of the camera. From the little smirk that your resting child may make to a full smile that may bloom when we get their attention, our team at Gail Siller Photography is dedicated to making your photoshoot as special as your newborn child. If you would like to understand what our newborn photography sessions entail, we invite you to keep on reading.
A studio newborn photography session will typically take place within the first two weeks following your birth. Getting a time and place scheduled as far ahead of time as possible is generally suggested. When you get down to the details, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you remembered to book your session! Working with a newborn during a photography session means inviting both parents and the child to be as welcome and comfortable as possible. During the shoot, we will focus on creating a welcoming, relaxed, and comfortable environment for your newborn to show off their smile for the camera.
Newborn photoshoots are as wonderful and exciting as they are touching and sentimental. If you would like to see what you can expect from your shoot, please take a moment to look through the Gail Sillers Photography online gallery. Use this as an opportunity to come up with possible questions that you may have for our team while booking your shoot.
Gail Sillers is a professional photographer based out of Huntington Beach. The proud mother of two energetic and fun-loving little boys, Gail knows a thing or two about working with children. Call or contact today to discuss your photography needs and to clarify any questions that you may have.

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